Tuesday, October 09, 2007

No animation, no hot water.

Hmm....that's supposed to be an animation. Well, if it doesn't work you can look at the blue face which is just an experiment in Corel Draw. I don't get it... I want the blue face underneath the snowman. One of those days.....

Hot water heater is still broken. The plumber is back from his holidays tomorrow.
Ooops, wait. If you want to see the animated snowman click on the picture and it will open in a different window. This is assuming you have the time to mess around which you probably have since you are already here.


Blogger Mark said...

I have to go...but this is so typical of you, I had to comment. The animation works when clicked on, and the characterization and burst-through-the-viewer's-eye is magical. Some people have commented on your color here. Good! They see what everyone should see! (gotta go! bye!!!)

3:08 pm  

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