Monday, February 11, 2008

Sixth Former

No direct trains on the trip to Britain so I landed up waiting at Lancaster station for an hour which was exactly the time that millions of schoolgirls poured into the waiting room. They all pulled out mobile phones and told their mums that their train had been cancelled and they were waiting for a bus to ferry them home. They all wore quilted coats with fur-lined hoods except for the sixth former who obviously wouldn't be seen dead in anything furry unless she was at the disco. The small school girls absolutely adored her and she absolutely adored being adored. What would you call a collection of school girls? A Flock? A Murder? A Blazer? A Legion?
Went to St Pancras station in London to get the train to Luton airport. It's the size of the Starship Enterprise, and for those of you trying to get to Luton airport, take the train to Bedford. You still have to get a bus to the airport when you get to Luton Parkway International and it's like driving through a mammoth building site.
Frankly, I am glad to be home, and have planted a packet of seeds that turn into plants that attract butterflies.


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