Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pencil and Paper

Sometimes it's just easier with a pencil and piece of paper.

These are schoolgirls in England that I saw in Lancaster station on my last visit there. There were no trains going further North that day and we were all herded onto various buses. I will be back there in a few weeks so even though thinking about the lack of transport that awaits I will at least maybe get some new sketches....I could do one of kids on rollerskates charging adults for doing their shopping...what with rising prices and all.


Blogger Mark said...

as an aside: everytime I read about your trips to England, I get the feeling they all use horse & buggy! Good luck on your trip (if you're not there already)...As for "analog" drawing—pencil on actual paper—it's amazing to see the old modeling of space with simple lines and squiggles. (Remember when "rendering" meant drawing something from life, not waiting for software?) The younger person's expression is all in the tilt of the head (and in the bulging eyes): This is the kind of thing that, to me, typifies the distillation of your art (or at least a part of it!). A wonderful, busy and yet simple kind of drawing that makes me one of your greatest fans.

10:52 pm  

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