Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Getting really cross now

The world is driving me bonkers today.
1. Why did my last post post itself while I was typing?

2. Why are the words in blue up there?

3. Why were there little bugs in the pearl barley when I got home?

4. Why is the car battery flat? I don´t care. I don´t drive.

5. Why is there an underground water leak somewhere under the concrete by the gate outside?

6. Why can´t I upload a picture right now?

7. Why am I still wallowing in self pity?

8. Why are the two French families on the other side of the street sweeping their spotless drives all morning? Why do they come here to their summer homes and then never do anything except sweep and wash cars? Except for boules which they play every day at six in the evening.

9. Why can´t I even draw today?

10. But I did narrowly avoid decapitating myself with a mandolin string yesterday.


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