Saturday, December 03, 2005

maureen's strip

This site seems to go backwards. Why don't the entries start at the beginning?
Well, this is 684by486 pixels and I have chosen a large image. See if this comes out in a readable size.
Blowing a gale in Spain today. Cycled along the coast almost to the nudie beach. Only people there were a middle-aged couple wrapped up in scarves and coats.
There is a camping site on the beach just before the nudie beach. The German campers are all in sleeveless T-shirts and hanging out their washing to dry. It's been raining for days. Today the sun is out and Arty, my dog, is asleep in my guitar case. He's a sort of Tibetan spanial. He sleeps in and on anything. I once found him curled up in a beam of sunlight on top of a coffee table.


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