Friday, December 29, 2006


This is something a little different which I created entirely by accident and it took me an hour the next day day to find out how I did it because I had forgotten where the "scraperboard" filter was. I was rummaging around the brushes and pens and there it was in the toolbar in the filter section.

The weather is weird. I start out on my bike with hat, gloves, scarf, jacket etc and by the time I reach the port I discard the scarf. Another ten minutes of pedalling and I am on the track that has the sea on one side and the campsite on the other. I look over to the collection of, frankly enormous, camper vans and see the residents in shorts and T-shirts, sitting in their deckchairs in front of carefully laid picnic tables. The rest of them are emerging blinking into the sunlight and dressed in dressing gowns and slippers. The campsite is like an open air theatre to me with a different act every time I cycle past. They obviously think I am nuts to be wearing so much clothing but honestly it's only ten degrees.


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