Monday, March 05, 2007

The Wind is Driving me Mad.

And it howls and howls and howls. The wind is never going to stop.

I overheard some irate english campers a few days ago. They were complaining to each other about the intolerable noise level of the building site behind their enormous camper vans and I realised I don't hear the screeching of the cranes here anynore. Screech, clunk, screech, clunk. But I do hear that incredibly annoying sound of trucks reversing in and out of the endless building areas. The Spanish coast is rapidly filling up. The local council just sold a plot of land to developers for five million euros which means the local builders are furious because they can't compete with the giant firms that build two hundred houses at a time. A lot of these houses are being constructed next to a very elite golf course but they don't seem to have worked out that if someone up there has bought a house because they want to play golf than they are probably going to find two thousand other golfers in the line before them. There are way too many houses for the size of the course.


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