Sunday, May 06, 2007

Back Home

Two weeks in Britain and not one cancelled train! This must be a record for me. I've been on a million trains, planes and even a boat on Lake Windermere. I took a sketchbook but managed not to draw a single thing but I did do a fair amount of walking. It rained so hard the first four days I had to buy a pair of waterproof trousers.

I watched a family of deer in the forest at Orrest Hill. I can't think why they didn't know I was there.

Anyway, back in howling winds here in Spain. They have dug up the main road leading to the beach just as the tourist season is starting. The next town has recently resurfaced it main road, put up coloured flags and is all ready to greet people. This place looks like a bomb has gone off. Normally it wouldn't matter but it has been like this for over a month now. Wouldn't it have been easier to put in sewers in the winter? The rest of the town has potholes the size of craters in the road system. Lots of people are sueing the local ayuntamiento for broken axles on their cars. Guess what? Our taxes here all go towards yet another village (the head village) where they proudly sport an Olympic size velodrome for a population that is mostly on the wrong side of sixty.


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