Friday, August 10, 2007

Soriano Mountain Dog

Ooo er...this looks weird. There's not enough room to type. I'm off to practise the guitar and try not to spend an hour and a half on the new flamenco book. I have to stop jumping to level 5 which I can't play. It's frustrating because I want to play absolutely everything and all at once and finally my two broken nails are growing back.
Too hot here.
Here's a link to an artist I just discovered. He draws as if in a dream and the soundtracks are perfect. He's also very funny, so go and have a look.
Now I have the tripod in here too to try and make a video of a cartoon in progress so there is no room to move at all. Anyway, I tried videoing the monitor as I was drawing on the wacom tablet but that didn't work.
But the cupboards are full of things I have made, collected, been given over years and years so that is that. Can't possibly throw anything away


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