Thursday, August 02, 2007

Don't play the guitar and fry chorizo together

What a weird morning! Couldn't believe my luck to discover that Maria Linnemann, composer, guitarrist, lover of Scots lore is on Youtube! Which of course I found via Per Kindgren, a brilliant guitarrist. Wait, is that one or two "r"s...guitarist, guitarrist, guitarist.
Anyway, I thought, oh right, let's dig out "Canzone d'Amore" which I can now play but still have never made it all the way through without a mistake! I should point out that I had just put on a chorizo sausage to cook which husband had tried to feed me raw last night. I notice he didn't have a bite after the taste test.
There's another funny thing...I actually use one of the titles of a piece of her music as a password. So I played around with that a bit and thought, boy that chorizo is noisy so I went into the kitchen, which is not big enough to swing a cat in, and the chorizo burst into flames! And because I was cooking it in a fancy, little, heavyweight pan the handle was red hot, so I picked it up with a towel and walked very slowly through the sitting room and out the door where I almost set fire to the carob tree. Whoever heard of a chorizo fire? I will eat it for lunch and teach it a lesson.Yes, I quite often burn stuff but never had anything actually catch fire, although husband did set fire to the last chimney by cooking lamb chops in it.
Anyway, here's a link to Maria Linnemann.


Anonymous Mark Antony said...

I admire Maria's music too, although I have yet to locate a selection of her music, if you know of a source of supply, please let me know!

Peo Kindgren, I know his music well too, I've played some of his, and he was kind enough to let me interview him on my site! Great news his CD did so well, it's well deserved.

7:28 pm  

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