Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Coastal Fire

There's a massive fire going on at the edge of the town. A truck had an accident up by the golf course which then set fire to somebody's garden, which in turn set alight to the one next door and the one after that and after that. It's now spread right down to the coast road, lighting one tree after another. I thought a lot of planes were flying overhead. There was just one every ten minutes at first but now after two hours there is a chain of planes and helicopters with thick rafts of smoke billowing up into the sky. The local radio says the coast motorway is closed in both directions from Cambrils to L'Hospitalet. They have evacuated some small villages along the road from here. The winds are very fierce and hot. Actually, it's a bit scary. These things always have a habit of reigniting in the middle of the night. I'm going outside to have another look. Arthur is waiting for a walk. Well, good's 30 in the shade. I know perfectly well he would go no further than the gate right now.


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