Saturday, June 02, 2007

They are Here

The beach is packed, the streets are packed. The tourists are back.

I was walking Arthur a couple of hours ago when a Dutch, retired riverboat captain inquired how to wake up the German electrician/plumber who lives up the road from me. Why did he tell me that he is a Dutch, retired riverboat captain? He also told me what street he lives on and that he bought his house via the daughter of the people that live at number thirty. But I don't know the people at number thirty. Then he asked if I was Catalan/ German/ Spanish and when I said Scottish, he said "Oh you are English" and switched from talking Spanish into English. Actually, come to think of it, the plumber usually goes away at weekends so he probably wasn't even in his house. I think a retired river captain could have a place in the Maureen Chlorine strip. I think he could be a very good friend of Mad Beach Bob. Could be his brother!

Which reminds me to stop messing around and draw some new Maureens...

Still not smoking. My stomach is starting to hang over anything that gets in its way. Hopefully I'll lose weight when I start swimming. I know you thicken out a bit with age but at this rate I'll have to excercise four hours a day which is NOT going to happen. And if I reach 80 years old I'll be too big to get through doorways. I weighed 100lbs a month ago. I am not going to weigh myself until August!


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