Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It's hot outside

Draw a snowman and feel cooler. Actually, yesterday it was 35 C at six in the evening but today feels completely different. The sky is full of fluffy white clouds and a cool breeze blowing.
The French neighbours over the road who come every summer almost had a fist fight with the German that lives on the next street. His boxer dog bit their oversized dog and wasn't on a lead. Much shouting in many languages. I feel quite paranoid when out with Arthur (who is the size of a cat) and I pick him up when I see dogs the size of Shetland ponies approaching. Why do people want such large beasts? Every summer some dogs lose their owners and you seethe animals tearing through the streets with a glazed panic in their eyes and the lamposts are covered in "Have you seen this doggy?" photos. Heartbreaking..


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