Sunday, October 28, 2007

Reconstructing Bacchus

Here is a short video I made using Photoshop to colour in Bacchus. Actually, to be a nit picker, the museum of archeology in Tarragona, Catalonia, doesn't know for a fact that this is Bacchus...but it probably is.
Anway, I was struck by how similar the common bush that grows here is to the flowers carved on the head. They are the same right down to the small circular flowers that make up the larger flower head. the branches are easily supple enough to bend in the shape of a wreath. Why not? If the statue was carved locally all those years ago it's perfectly possible.
Mind you, they did tend to build mosaics using a sort of order catalogue. Floors by Argos etc.

My neighbour's car was broken into again a few days ago. I mean how desperate is someone to break into a car full of hosepipes for cleaning pools? The Peruvian household up the road have done a runner (that's nothing to do with the car). This means that Sundays will be peaceful again after months of ear shattering music for five hours at a time. Good news in that my other neighbour, Henry, has nobody to shout at anymore.
Here's the link to the video of Bacchus.


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