Thursday, December 20, 2007



Blogger Mark said...

With bits of Sempe, Chast (Roz), Steinberg, Steig, even a sprinkle of Bruno Bozzetto and Feiffer, you've created wholly original, creative and delightful gardens of characters, living objects and child-like magic everywhere. Saw several of your videos now (on 3 sites, I think), and hope you continue well into the 25th C. Don't know what you do professionally with your art (cartooning, graphic design, illustr, painting...), but your love for creating in every medium is catching and inspiring. A wonderful journey, mc. (PS--wonderful to see you actually create, in "Rain" and [something like] "how to make a dog"...and you should use the young Jackson Pollock as a greeting card.) Ok. I'll stop now! Bravo! (sent your urls to a few artist friends who I know will love them!). M

5:25 am  
Blogger rosie said...

Thank you indeed. I am bowled over by the time you have taken to look through things.

6:19 am  

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