Friday, December 07, 2007

Green with Envy

I am in the middle of making Christmas cards. Will I get them off on time?
I came across the site of a weaver today and all sorts of familiar names popped out the monitor. Turns out we both went to Edinburgh College of Art and did tapestry.
She weaves miniature tapestries....I used to do that. It got even weirder when I saw a photo of a sofa with the same woven blanket on it as mine. Anyway, her work made me want to drag out the wool and dyes, warp up and start a tapestry of my own. I don't think I have woven anything for over a year.
Here's a link...


Blogger Mark said...

sent a few of your jpgs to some friends around the US. They're not web surfers, and wanted them to see some of your work. I included url's, by all means. Oh--and these are very respectful artists: They'll treat your work with the same reverence they'd give to their own. Nothing will be done but enjoy your eye and heart and magic. --m.

3:02 pm  

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