Sunday, November 11, 2007

Scary Kid

Someone asked today..."What do you do...?" I don't think there is a job description that fits. Sometimes, I am a painter of oil paintings, other times I have been a tapestry weaver, inbetween times an ironer of napkins for a restaurant, a sweeper of floors in the same restaurant.
I wrote several books which are unpublishable and I love music.
I once worked in a toyshop which was great but many, many years ago. And, even longer ago I illustrated a kid's book and then I had a daughter which took up a lot of time telling her stories and making things out of stones and wood and plants. And, I've done the housewife bit too.
Hopefully I will find out what I am supposed to be doing here before I die. But I suspect I might not. I also would like to be... a reflexologist a cartoonist, a composer, a scriptwriter, a goldsmith, a pianist, a flamenco player and a luthier but there is not enough time. On second thoughts I should probably die around sixty because I certainly will not be eligible for a pension.


Blogger Mark said...

Have started to read more of your blogs (and not just look at the pictures!)...I spoke with a person who came through a long odyssey and said, "I look back and wonder what I did, what was the arc?" She was 50. After we spoke a long time, she realized the arc was her inner self, her muse, her soul. I said, "when you saw your soul, what did it do?" She said, "smile". Then she added: "Did it smile because I just met it?" "I don't think so," I said: "It smiled because it's been working through you from the beginning, and you finally stopped-by to say hello." You had/have family, a daughter, many jobs, dear friends, music, many arts and many other things, and now a window where everyone else can hear & see your soul working through you, subtly & magically. It's a pleasure to look in...

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