Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Trip to the Beach

This is what the beach is like during winter except for today which was rain, rain, rain and I forgot to go and get my bike from the shop because I had ANOTHER flat tyre yesterday and this time I had to push the bike four kilometers back to the village. And, because I don't own a mobile I eventually found a pay phone and then discovered my purse was still in British money mode but then I found a ten euro note in my camera case so went to a bar in the Port to get change, then went back to the pay phone which didn't work and neither did the next one. So, I went back to the bar and the owner let me use her mobile which meant having to stand near the boats because there was no signal in the bar (who invented these phones?). So, I called Paco the estate agent and left a message for him to ask husband to please pick me up, which he never got the message because Paco never checks his phone messages but only checks his mobile messages. Then, Albert from Holland who plays the guitar jogged past as I was leaning on the Port wall waiting for the "Dream Team" (Paco plus Patrick). "Hola" he says...doof, doof, doof. I waved. And then I pushed the bike back and it took like an hour. Anyway, it's nothing to do with the eggs above which I did in photoshop.


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