Friday, July 25, 2008


Sometimes even I don't know these things are lurking in the wacom tablet.

Here's a link to an ethereal piece of piano music. The musician is Phillipe Sear and I think he plays in a magic, other worldly way.

The local Spaniards are now getting fed up of the tourists because now you have to queue everywhere for everything. In fact the bolder of the spanish ladies plodding around Intermarche say things like.."When are the fockers going to naff off?" Well, that's how it translates into english.

When I cycled back from the beach I discovered they had closed off the entrance to the main road and there was fresh, steaming hot tarmac blocking any possibility of crossing. A Peruvian roadmaker lifted my bike onto the main road as I almost got squashed by a huge machine and I had to climb over a pile of rocks to retrieve it. They dug up this same road at this time last year.


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