Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dog Basket

Hmmm... I guess I shouldn't have saved in CYMK format...or I am possessed? Demons are dancing in the West End Park.

The school run has started in which I play no part. The mothers this year are unbelievably aggresive. Their monster trucks come barreling along the road leading to the school. One driver, one passenger in each enormous block of metal and plastic on wheels. I know for a fact that it takes no longer than ten minutes to walk from where all the blocks of flats and most of the houses are. But the problem is in the stupidity of the school for having no lockers. The kids can't leave their books or sport stuff there and because it is a school for kids aged three until twelve they can't physically carry their gigantic backpacks.

I am having my bi-annual haircut today. I do not like hairdresser salons although I like a new hair style but the whole experience is akin to the dentist. I just want to run out screaming. But when I get home I make excuses to walk by the mirror for a day.


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