Thursday, September 11, 2008


Here in Spain I always know when the owner of a T-shirt with an English slogan...doesn't speak English.

This morning I saw an old, little, white-haired lady ambling along the seashore. She rocked from side to side as she placed one leg in front of the other. But her shirt proclaimed otherwise. She is, in fact, TOXIC CANDY. I've got to put Maureen Chlorine in such a shirt.

Come on down Moon Alley...


Blogger Mark said...

the flamenco is very lyrical along with being fiery; a very opulent, inward player. Wonderful selection.

And btw, I'm no digital artist but I used Illustrator for years, back in the 90s, and I was one of those who could never get the feel for vector graphics. So what you experienced was, for me, one of 1000 effects I never wanted. Your drawings are wonderful, even if one or two show up in inverted colors...

4:08 am  

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