Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I haven't actually checked...

Whether there are any rude words in this because I uploaded just using a miniature version of the drawing.
My number one fan this year is very pleased I sent him a drawing so that makes me very pleased so today is better than yesterday!

Here are two guitarists I came across. Wonderful music (although a bit echoey) wonderful playing. It must be great to be so in tune with another player.

There you go...


Blogger Mark said...

the guitar playing & composition is beautiful, but also beautifully's nice to hear classical guitar recorded so resonantly. (It's also nice to hear the tango in a classical setting.)

And yes, I was thrilled with your drawing, and I hope you get lots & lots of other number one fans. In my opinion, you should have thousands!

Love the cartoon. Enjoy the (cooler) fall! Mark

3:56 am  

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