Wednesday, November 05, 2008


This morning a fellow came to collect twenty year's worth of rubbish which I had piled up for him. It is oddly exhilarating to be freed of ten meters of binbags full of broken things. Now the house is virtually empty and I much prefer it this way.

Now I carry two keys and one is for the padlock on the bike.

Here's a link to Paulo Sereno who everybody should hear. I've linked to this clip before but it really makes me happy.


Blogger Mark said...

as always, your musical selections are all gems, pure in style and all very genuine & personal. I love cartoonage as well (I loved the videos of you creating art, so it was great to see him create too).

Lovely creative drawings & sketches & paintings here, incl. the negative filters. (And you didn't know your images are enlarged by clicking? Duuuuude! You gotta drop by here more often!) Always a joy coming here! Esplendido! (There's an accent in there, but I'm American & we don't use those little buggers, though occasionally I'll throw one in to look continental with my New Jersey friends...)

Have a great weekend! From the windy city, Mark

9:45 am  
Blogger Rosie said...

Yes, well I'm the one that didn't know "Animal Farm" was a political satire during a school exam, ha,ha.

11:43 am  

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