Saturday, November 15, 2008

Strange Child

Here's a link to a brilliant animation called "The little girl who was forgotten by absolutely everyone...even the postman." By Katytowell on Youtube. I wish she lived around the corner! The person who invented the little girl, that is.

Playing with the motion button in the above drawing.

I often pass a jogging lady when I'm on the bike by the seafront and we always exchange "holas" and today I bumped into her on a street and we said "hola" and she asked if it was too windy on the beach and I said yes (this is in Spanish) and I ask if she is French and she says no she's English and German. And then there's that pause when two english speaking people realise why are they speaking to each other in Spanish. Anyway, it was funny and I'll certainly meet her again.

A 20 euro note flew out my pocket as I was cycling down a steep hill but I actually saw it on the way back! I had to climb down a ditch and over a metal fence to retreive it from a pile of rubbish. Watched the whole time by a man with a bucket skulking in a doorway. I wonder what he thought I was doing?

And, I just finished a ten hour render of an animated fractal using the demo version which is a new version of the one I have and it's just now I have a very nice yellow , unanimated square with "evaluation copy" all over it. I'm going to upgrade anyway. Ultrafractal 5.0.


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