Friday, January 04, 2008

I Woke up in a Spaceship.

I suppose it could happen. I'm not sure which would be more scary....seeing a ghost or waking up in a spaceship? Lots of people report being abducted by aliens and taken onboard. In fact, I know someone who was married to a French man who said he had been abducted. But, she also said his eyes used to glow yellow in the middle of the night.
Mind you...I have seen two ghosts. One was a lady who looked just like Queen Victoria in a cottage in the Highlands of Scotland and the other was a Medieval Jewish man with leather wristbands and shoulder-length hair. That was in central Spain. What was scary about him was that he was as scared as I was before he disappeared. But ghosts are very difficult to draw so I have stuck the fellow above in a spaceship. He's actually part of a different illustration about dating in cyberspace.


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