Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Two, three, four and....

A friend sent me some drawings (on the computer!) by Sempe. That has an accent over the second e but I can't find one on this keyboard. Anyway, (Sempe that is) he does a lot of covers for the New Yorker magazine and a lot of his work depicts musicians and children. Here's my contribution. The little kid, by the way, is holding a triangle but you can't see it very well in this. It's a scan from my sketch book but hasn't come out very black and white even though I desaturated it and adjusted brightness and contrast.
Maybe I'll just get a one way ticket to Britain and work out the return flight and which airport once I am there?


Blogger Mark said...

sweet, rosie. it would be nice if your website could give a hotline to the sketchbooks that sit around you, with all kinds of little bursts tucked away. I wonder if they keep your place lit while you're away. Have a good trip, and hey, why not just go and figure out the rest once you're there? easy for me to say, but I hope you get there however, 'cause it sounds like the Isles are calling you! however you do it, enjoy! mark

5:02 am  

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