Friday, February 22, 2008

Flight Assistance

I came back via a well known cheapie airline even though I had to go to London to get on a plane. They don't allocate seats and tell you "Just choose your own seat." Then, the passengers go mental when they get onboard and it's like a stampede. I don't really care where I sit on a plane apart from by the loos because it's my theory that if the plane crashes or blows up I'll be dead anyway.
Then, when you're in the plane the flight attendants change their minds and say..."No, not the first seventeen rows!!" Then, when I'm buckled in and happy to take off, a couple with a baby approach me and say" Do you mind awfully moving to that seat so the three of us can sit together. We see you are alone." And, since I am always alone when I go to Britain I get asked this a lot. The remainder of the flight is filled up with the flight attendants who never shut up and people going up and down the aisle with a giant, plastic bag asking for rubbish. I mean how much rubbish can you make in an hour and a half?


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LOL ! mary

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