Monday, February 25, 2008

I need new music

Here's a link to a video of some of my drawings. It's pretty much the same as a video I uploaded a while ago (which I have just taken down) and I had a great soundtrack to it was a rather well known band..and I well, you know. So, apologies for this music appearing on other things I have uploaded. I shall scout around for some different tracks that last for about two minutes.
I did the above in Artrage.


Blogger Mark said...

your figures are wide-eyed souls amazed at the infinity of life. I don't know how you keep them so fresh, so new, but your freedom-of-hand never ceases to delight me; and having seen your more considered work (your photography, of which I've just seen a little), I see that you can go 'all ways'---deliberate & thought out, and then airborne & like a child dancing in the wind...I liked the music to the revised video, btw, even if it wasn't your choice. & glad you're enjoying Cartier Bresson. He's one of many artists who gave us piles of astonishing views. Well, I'm at a conference; but just checking in & reiterating that your drawings can remind one of joy on a difficult day. Saludos! Mark

11:28 pm  
Blogger Mark said...

ps---I know you didn't choose the alternate music as a concession---I know you love the music because you've used it elsewhere...just want to say I think it's lovely music even though it wasn't your first choice for this particular video. (Did I clear that up? Hope so!) Have a great Friday. M

3:01 am  

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