Monday, March 03, 2008

Oh Really?

The campsite by the beach is filling up again. Massive vans with balconies and bikes and electric cars attatched. The owners are fiercely protective of their space which they carefully mark out with flowerpots filled with plants. I don't know when these people actually sit on the sand or stick their feet in the sea? They are always sitting on chairs outside their vans or wheeling around large, blue, plastic water-containers. One of them was even washing his car this morning...isn't that what you are not supposed to be doing on a camping trip? Do I even belong on this planet?
Today it's a mixture of Dutch, Swiss, German and British and several wooly dogs the size of small, armoured tanks.
My hands are stubbornly refusing to practice guitar and here's a link to an astonishing lute player called David Tayler. It's an astonishing piece of music too.


Blogger Mark said...

a subtle, caressed version of one of the Bach cello suites (part of one), with something many Bach interpreters want: a mix of rubato & strictness, never too far in either direction. Bach's solo cello & violin works can be given a whole new life on lute, guitar, etc.; but it takes genuine concentration. I've played them on piano & harpsichord, and the challenge is immense: You have to keep the velvet-line of the originals on keys--hit, percussive keys--and it takes great commitment. Tayler succeeds, never loses the arc or the flow, and, oddly, creates an almost 'more' introspective version than on the cello. (I'm sure you know all about it, if you've tackled these on guitar...) More fine music from your pages, Rozanne. Many thanks.

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