Saturday, June 21, 2008


Madness descends as we approach the fiestas of San Juan. Catalans are very fond of fireworks and let them off all full sunlight...every ten minutes...for the next week. I once went out at two in the morning to ask a guy who lives up the road why he was letting off fireworks, all by himself, in the middle of the road.
"I don't know," he says. "Because everyone lets off fireworks."
"But there's no one else here, " I say. "And it's two in the morning."
"Oh right...but it's San Juan."
"But there's no one here except you...even your wife and kids are asleep."
"Yeah, right but it's San Juan."

The sun is now boiling. Thirty degrees but I am really amazed now that the campsite is still virtually deserted. The few people that are there are in tents! Not a giant camper van is sight. Maybe with all the prices rising people may actually start talking to each other again?

Paco is coming round this evening to lob the top of a bottle of champagne with a sabre. He did it last year. I'll try and get a photo.


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