Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Aha! The sleazoid summer real estate agents have arrived, with their shiny blazers, and shiny keyrings dangling from their hands. The joggers are out jogging, the bathers are up to their waists in the cold sea. The gentlemen from across the sea are laying out rows of sunglasses. The German ladies are all blonde with chin length bobs and orange and white striped T-shirts. The "Pope" is back into white shorts and shirt (to match his hair) plus red baseball cap (Last year's model). He is still running along the beach with arms wildly flapping.

And here I'll mention "Richard Madeley" for no reason at all and "boobs" and "Football" and "Britney Spears", so you'll get here by accident if you google any of that. Mind you I do actually read Richard Madeley's blog.


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