Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Double Entendre

Well, the truck drivers here in Spain are on strike because they are protesting about the rising oil prices. Today, the local gas station ran out of fuel. There's no vegetables in the veggie shop and the shelves are rapidly emptying in Intermarche, the supermarket.
I have two friends presently living in isolation on a nearby mountain top and I just know when they come down off the mountain they will immediatly think Spain has declared war with France and go into a panic.

Alice who used to be Frank has everything under control and is currently on her sixth wash (linen 90 degrees) with her new washing machine.

I continue to cough and cough but am beginning to surface at last.

And, if you can't see what the above are holding...it's supposed to be mobile phones.. My mobile has not rung, buzzed or cheeped since I bought it but I haven't given anyone the number and I've forgotten it anyway.


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