Thursday, July 10, 2008



Well, this will give you good cause to laugh. I seemed to have, without my knowing, turned into a gargoyle. I was so horrified when I saw this small video of myself that I immediately blurred it all up so as not to scare you too much. When exactly did my face slide down my neck that much? When did my chin get lost in my neck....?

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Blogger Mark said...

rozie, it was good to hear and watch you play. My only regret was that the sound was a bit heavy in the mid range so I couldn't hear your higher tones very well...this was the recording, not you, it is easy to detect these things from years in music. But I got the feeling of a quiet and reposeful performance, with some quiet intensity. You have the posture and form of a true classical musician, and you don't have to blur yourself, you look immersed, serious and caring. Always a pleasure to see your work, now a pleasure to see you play. Saludos, multi-talented soul, Mark

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