Friday, August 01, 2008

Green Bird

I am puzzled by Adobe Illustrator CS3. It changes the colours after I have saved. I know it's something I am doing! Oh well, there's only sixteen days left of the trial anyway.

I tried to get some cash out of the hole in the wall in the bank entrance yesterday but my card was rejected. "Excuse me," I said to witty and wonderful lady behind the desk. "I think there may be a problem with the machine?"

"No, there isn't. It's your card."

So I watched while one of the local policemen tried his card.

"Fock," he says. "Fock, fock." At least the Spanish equivelent which is joder and he stomps off.

Then today Patrick takes my card and the same happens. The bank lady said it was the fault of my bank in Scotland. So I ring my bank who say there's nothing wrong with my card and give me the number of the fraud squad. I ring them and explain and they instantly have access to my account and say..."No, nobody has been accessing your account. Everything is fine. Oh I just hate dipping my feet into the real world.

Airplane tickets booked. Arrgggg. Now I'm getting mad..........


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