Saturday, October 18, 2008

Still waiting for Telefonica

The fifth call to Telefonica ascertained the fact that thy never actually listen. "You're waiting for a new modem? You ordered it nearly a month ago? No, sorry, no record of that...well, of course we are still charging you 80 euros a month for not having the internet.
The computer shop returned the computer having replaced the graphics card which fried in the storm but now it doesn't recognise the wacom tablet or the printer or any of the USB ports.

Raging rain again and I'm back in the real estate office using a friend's computer. Sirens wailing. There's lots of car crashes here when it rains.
I think I might actually be fed up.

Went to guitar trio yesterday and a pianist joined us. I just plopped sweat everywhere because it was hot and my guitar is heavy after twelve minutes slugging it down the road in 26 degrees and 80% humidity. The air conditioning wasn't on in the Polivalente. Guitar teacher had a headache. Maybe everybody is actually fed up?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

J'espère que tu reviendras vite parmi nous ! Mary

2:23 pm  

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