Monday, June 26, 2006

The Russians do it standing up.

Lesson everything! Back up everything. Twice! I don't actually save two versions of everything although I should to be ready for the little emergencies here. Like thunderstorms which blow up electrical appliances, and workmen who mysteriously move around the village cutting off the power at random

With the summer season on our doorstep the local council has decided to dig up the main street. The main road from Barcelona to Valencia cuts through this small town and thousands of delivery trucks rumble through daily. Add to that several thousands of tourists in their cars, lost, hot, looking for the motorway and you have a cauldron of frayed tempers. Not a policeman in sight. That's because they are having a cigarette break in a layby on the track that runs along one of the beaches. I know that. I see them there every morning. Today, there are two bus loads of Russians on the beach. The ladies are built like tanks and sunbathe standing up in lines. A possible new Coastal Defence Plan? Their pale blond children are coughing up gallons of sea water as they disappear and reappear from the waves.

The picture above is a collection of images taken from Richard Bell's website.

Richard is a wild life illustrator who records images that most of us walk past with unseeing eyes. His observations of human wildlife are just as keen . A venerable soap opera of images and stories. I like to flip through his pages and will definately order his book "Rough Patch". His site is well worth a visit.


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