Sunday, March 23, 2008

magic carpet

फिनाल्ली गोट अ टिकेट फॉर सतुर्दय...एह? इ'म नोट टाइपिंग थिस थे कंप्यूटर इस सुद्देंली पोस्सेस्सेद। हा, हा...वहत इस थिस आईटी'स लूक्स...मर्दे, मिएर्दा वहत हवे इ प्रेस्सेद????????


Blogger Mark said...

is this Sanskrit??? I used to read Sanskrit! (Now, I can barely read English...) Well, I'll get someone to translate this---but if "Magic Carpet" means you finally made it to England, I wish you a peaceful trip. Hope the trains came back. And that's a great little drawing below (the dog and the sign!)...the world of rozie's are will await your return. Healthy travels!

8:48 am  
Blogger Mark said...

(that should read "the world of rozie's ART will await your healthy return"! Be well in the Isles, R...)

8:50 am  

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