Thursday, March 13, 2008

Fer Gud's Sake!

Well, I was actually going to write something before it published itself....This isn't the type of music I wanted to set it too. I want something racey and thumpy but can't find anything that isn't wrapped up in copyright. I'll probably redo it.

The beach bars are polishing up the plastic chairs ready for the easter invasion. The Swiss are already in their micro-swimwear and lounging at the campsite. Out on the bike, I got a wave from the man that has a dog on a piece of string, the man with the zimmer frame and Albert the Dutch guitarist who was just emerging from his van and blinking into the sunlight. The groups of walking ladies never wave so I've given up saying "Good morning" to them.

And I'm still getting a roly poly stomach now that I'm approaching a year smoke free. You know why I have phases when I put on weight? Because I eat while sleepwalking. I head straight for the fridge and make sandwiches and then in the morning there's breadcrumbs all over the breadboard. So, if I'm fast asleep how do I stop it?


Blogger Mark said...

A teacher of mine once said, "artists with little to share can do perfect works, and they'll still share little. But artists with the world to share can do problematic works and there's still a ton in them." Gotta experiment, try things we're not wholly happy with, fall down, redo...frankly, after a life in art, I don't think about it anymore. Here it is: The gods pay me weekly to see your galaxy of joys, so that's what look at. What I liked about the video below was the chance to linger over some of your characters and that you're trying out some new ways of expressing. I wish you could put your Wacom into a drink so people could swig it every so often......Other topic: You live in an amazing place! Reading these blogs, it sounds like a strange, wild, desolate, peaceful, rugged place....And finally, congratulations on going a year without sir nicotine. I know many who've stopped, and they had 'side effects' for a long time. 'The gift that keeps on giving'...Nice to visit these pages from time to time...the chicago guy

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