Friday, March 07, 2008


I seemed to have joined a trio for guitarists. I should point out that this is for beginners. I have never played with anybody else and today was the second class. My guitar teacher is doing this completely free just for fun. I suspect I am going to enjoy it. We all seem to be equally nervous and I am old enough to be the granny of one and the mother of the other student but they don't seem to mind too much. Anyway, just browsing on Youtube and came across this which I would really like to play one day!

I think I did the above in Corelpainter. The wind howls here in Spain. Nothing new there then.


Blogger Mark said...

Nino Rota, the composer of this tune, was an underrated composer, probably because he wrote for films. But even his film music (of which this is an example) was extraordinary. He did many of the scores for Fellini, and it doesn't get more magical or haunting; and of course he did the Godfather I & II, which had some extraordinary passages. Fun to see 3 classical guitarists do this so delicately & seriously. Always fun to follow your musical links. An extra attraction to your artwork.

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