Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Mountain Man

Getting quite a strong urge to get out the oil paints. Not that I do cartoons in oil but having trained in stained glass I have a love of Cobalt blue! The original glassmakers guarded the recipe for cobalt blue glass from generation to generation. I would love to make a window again but glass and lead costs a fortune now, and to be honest, I haven't made one in twenty five years but then I keep starting different things....
Guitar class tomorrow. I don't like the study by Sor I am doing.


Blogger Mark said...

A lovely art work, rozie, especially full size. Would be wonderful to see glass from you. (Another extension of the rozie soul...)

Btw, I studied Sor at the piano. Don't know why my teacher wanted me to do guitar works, but I loved playing them at the keyboard. A lot easier than on the guitar...)

Here it is: You need to be rich, because your art should have no impediments. Either that or suck up to some Dukes and Duchesses. I'm told they're well off...

10:15 am  

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