Sunday, March 09, 2008

Blue Tibetan Dog

This is my dog Arthur who I am not pleased with at the moment because he peed right inside my shoulder bag, on my sketchbook, wallet, sunglasses and generally everything inside it. But you can't be cross for more than five seconds because he is a super sensitive soul and sleeps on my feet at night.
Here's a link to a Scottish musician that I like. Yes, really...he's playing it all!


Blogger Mark said...

As always, love your drawings...your friend (below) is given a wonderful little burst, and so is your dog. (Ok,I saw that photo on your other site, and he wasn't blue.) I had a teacher who'd have said something like this: "If you can't use that pee on your sketchbook for your ART, you're not a true artist." (She was a little eccentric, ok? But ya had to like a teacher who'd say that.) Always nice to stop by & chat with your many friends.

2:35 am  
Blogger Mark said...

ps--the music link is sweet. I like that he does a traditional celtic arrangment but uses electric guitar. Relaxed and lilting.

2:38 am  

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