Saturday, March 08, 2008

I Really am a Lost Case

I have this friend who I sometimes don't see for years but she has the ability to make me laugh until I cry. We used to write short stories about the same people which we had invented. My favourite invention was Mrs Floyd Ackworth who popped out of my head quite out of the blue. She had extraordinary adventures with tractor drivers, Mrs Floyd Ackworth I mean.
But the best was one evening there was a bunch of us eating in my small, mountain- top house and the door to the street opened. A man shuffled in with a crate of peaches and gave them to my friend Victoria.
"Here's the peaches you ordered," he said.
"I'm sorry...," said Victoria," but without my glasses I really am a lost case."
We never did find out why he delivered the peaches because he then went bright red and backed out of the house as if in the presence of Queen Elizabeth.
Anyway, that's only funny to us I imagine.
But in real life she always has great big dogs so here's a pic of her. And, in real life she still writes so here's a link to her work.


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