Monday, March 17, 2008


Here's a piece of classical guitar music and playing that you won't forget. "Campanas del Alba" performed by Magnus Gutke.


Blogger Mark said...

a few of your last drawings (posted here) have a more computer-graphic feel---excuse my poor descriptions---so your hand is transformed by the blends & gradations of the digital world. I like the result. Of course you may have done these for years, but I've only seen a few. The faces have acquired the sheens of the computer world, yet they're still your faces. How do they stay so new?And btw, the Campanas del Alba is beautifully & sensitively performed, though I agree with some commenters that the video isn't quite what I'd have put with it...And the drawing below is more of your heaven. (I like the one above too---sorry!---even if your software told you to gfy. Some software has anger issues...) If you go to Britain for a while, have a good stay, Rozie. I'll still look, if not comment. These visits are always a taste of heaven. M

Oh! I mourned the loss of your archives here! Luckily I downloaded many of the images before, incl. a watercolor of a woman in front of a mountain. (sigh) How does one get the world to pour into this blog? and I'm still working on a musical thing; but w/out keyboard, it takes a lonnnnng time. I even quoted a scottish number, if you even like Celtic music. Am doing more with synthesized violin & other solo instr. It's a lot of fun, just tedious. (Snippets on the web; but one day you'll hear complete...) bon voyage, poet, whenever you go. Say hello to Mad England and Bloody Scotland...

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