Wednesday, March 26, 2008


You can do all sorts of visual stuff with computers but there's not the soul that you get in pencil or paint.

Now the question on earth did the text below turn into what looks like Sanskrit? I was typing in English and as I moved onto the next word the previous word converted before my very eyes. Is this some sort of mystic message? Which if it is not very useful because I can't read it.


Blogger Mark said...

R, you probably hit the key combination that changes the language of your computer, and for some reason you hit a 'Sanskritic' language (i.e., Hindi, Bengali, something from India). And it's probably your English sentence just transposed into Devanagari (the script you have here). It sure hits the viewer over the head! And yes, computer-generated art can be much colder than work with paints, inks, etc., and I think one of the joys of your computer drawings, cartoons, etc., is that they have the warmth and vitality of actual pigment on paper. If these are cooler than your physical artworks, I'm only sorry the world at large can't see the latter; we're all missing even more. And btw, your drawing above is delightful, wherever it came from. Have a peaceful trip. All the best...

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