Friday, May 09, 2008

Il Pleut

I'm back in the guitar trio. I actually enjoyed it. I was fifteen minutes late because my brain has left temporarily but there's a possibility it may return.
It's raining and raining here in sunny spain but it quite often does at the approach of a weekend. It's something to do with cars...or something...clouds perhaps.
The above done in a mixture of Corel Paint and photoshop and Ultra fractal 4.0. It's sort of a self portrait except it doesn't look like me. I don't have red hair or a big nose but there is some of me in there somewhere.


Blogger Mark said...

haven't commented in a while, don't want to hog the comments! but wanted to say what a beautiful artist you are and what joy it is to see you back again. Welcome back! Mark

1:49 pm  
Anonymous rosie said...

Wow! Such praise! Thank you.

5:48 pm  

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