Wednesday, May 07, 2008

హౌ అబౌట్ this

Demons in the computer again. I cannot see what key I keep pressing that turns the script into Malayan or Taglitullallah or whatever it is. Nor why it's double spacing.
Anyway, I'm back in Spain and immediately got a flat tyre on the bike. I wish people would stop dropping old nails around.
Tourists are arriving. What do I care? Zero.
A nice person sent me a piece of sheet music and here's the link. I've seen Frederic Mesnier on Youtube before and I really like his composing.
He's the poor fellow that got royally dumped by a lady but it made him compose a great piece of music, which is not the music I am putting the link here to. Confused? Yes, me too. Take it away, Frederic...


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