Friday, August 18, 2006

No room at the beach.

Cycled in the opposite direction today. The main beach is getting too crowded and despite the tourists are on holiday they seem to be a grumpy bunch. The main road is a constant stream of cars and long distance trucks and because the layout of the streets is particularly badly designed, there are a lot of car accidents. Quite a few lamposts have articial flowers tied to them.

But, I love to see the astonishment of a child's first visit to the seaside. Armed to the teeth with new buckets and spades they rush and stagger towards the sea with parents flailing behind them. Then, they suddenly come to a screeching halt as the enormity of the water stretching to the horizon meets them. Quick check over their shoulders that mum/dad/granny/grandpa are still there, longer look back at the sea, back over the shoulder again and on with the work of digging holes and building sand castles.

The firework display in the next village has been cancelled until Saturday because of the huge storms. Hail stones the size of tennis balls smashed all the car windscreens in another village nearbye. The rainwater was up to my knees by the garden gate. Plastic coke bottles floating down the road.

The Dream Team are doing a barbeque tonight. More about them later. They are Real Estate agents. This town is not that big but there are 72 registered Real Estate companies here. That's about one every three meters in every direction.

One of the restaurants on the main road has collapsed in the middle of the night.


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