Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Beach Collage

An experiment in Photoshop. I am wondering if I can incorporate real photos with illustrations? I used the cutout tool on the photo but it still looks a bit real for me. Pasted the other drawings at 70% opacity. I'm not sure exactly what effect I'm after yet.

Not going to the beach today. Too hot and too many people. The supermarket has hiked its prices up because it is the busiest time of year. What a swizz, a packet of wienersnitzel, escalopes or whatever they are called, have more than doubled in price. Everything has gone up loads and the dear gas company (yes, we are still on bottled gas here) are charging 120 euros to replace the rubber tubes that connect the canisters to the house. I could buy the same tubes myself in the hardware shop for 10 euros but then the gas company wouldn't renew the gas permit. Catch 22 situation. The lovely council wants 800 euros for paving the street outside whilst two streets over the roads are free. Oh, and 300 euros for the luxery of having a street light outside. This street has been here over thirty years. It took them that long to do the road but we still remain in inky darkness at night.

Am I in a bad mood? No, not really.

The gentleman who lives next door is having a spectacular row with his new girlfriend. I am surprised they are still talking. She smashed his windows last night. Husband went out to check she wasn't actually slaying him and found a German guy standing by his gate shaking his head. "Poor Henry," he said. "A catastrophe with women."

"Do you think I should call the police?" husband asks. "No, no," the man replies. "This is nothing. Henry's used to it."


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