Monday, August 21, 2006

Where's the rest of me?

Just experimenting here. Drawn in pencil, scanned and darkened the lines with Photoshop but when I come to fill in I invariably find I have left a gap in the lines somewhere so too many parts fill in with colour. It's not my style usually to have all the lines closed and I find it really slows me down.

Cycled along the beach at eight this morning and hardly anybody there except for the joggers and cyclists. Another incoming batch of tourists later in the morning and the cars are double-parked outside the supermarket. Always count to seven at the zebra crossing after the pedestrian light has lit up. It seems an average of three cars jump the red light.

My copy of "Rough Patch" by Richard Bell arrived today.

I am really, really pleased with it. It's like owning somebody's sketchbook with the added bonus of notes and stories. It's overflowing with sketches and illustrations of plants, wildlife and bugs. I shall treasure it and look forward to dipping in and out of it.

I see on my site meter that someone often visits this site from Regina in Canada. I wonder who on earth they are? A visitor from China this morning. That's a first.


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