Sunday, September 17, 2006

Gently and Darkly Dead.

Introducing Gently and Darkly Dead, the teenage twins from Hell. Sullen, moody, Metal Heads who know it all. They disagree with each other about everything and talk in text message form when feeling emotional. They live in the murky underworld of chatrooms. Melanie, Maureen's best friend, is their aunt.

Cycled to the next village but I had forgotten it is market day and it was packed and all to the strains of Peruvian pipe music played by an exceedingly large man wearing copious amounts of feathers who was plugged into an equally large sound system. There is an enormous amount of pushing and shoving in the market or the people who suddenly stop dead in their tracks and stare at their feet.

Avoided the stalls and took a shortcut through the port. They have finally finished the bridge across the beach for pedestrians, just in time for the mass exit of tourists, except they don't seem to be leaving yet this year.

The storms have left everything a mess. The beach was covered with onions, hazlenuts and red clay for the last week but it's been pretty much cleaned up.


Anonymous Mary said...

I am always attracted by the stories of twins because I have twins !!! Nice to meet you Gently and Darkly Dead !!! Bisous Mary

6:59 pm  

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